School Applications

School Applications & Its Blended Use

In the book Motivational Interviewing in Schools conversations to improve behavior and learning, there is a section on “In Practice” which includes a chapter focused on Behavior, another on Learning, one on Personal Growth and a final one with Working with Families. A section on Focused Applications, includes chapters on MI use for dealing with and countering Bullying, for working with At-Risk Students, for Dropout Prevention/re-engagement and for Transitioning to life after school.

Blending or integrating MI to support students or provide intervention support is being done in sites throughout the world. There are examples of blending the use of MI with the following efforts:

  • Adventure-Based Experiential Education
  • Restorative Justice
  • Positive Behavior Intervention
  • Cognitive behavior interventions
  • Art Therapy and other modalities

Motivational Interviewing in Schools (Book Synopsis)

Example of Experiential Education (PDF)