Links to support using MI in schools and with youth

Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT)

A key internet site you may want to explore is that of MINT at with extensive updated resources about the broad use of MI, information on training opportunities, research articles about MI in various settings throughout the world, and MI-related links.

Motivational Interviewing IN School Settings

The Center for College Access & Success at Northeastern Illinois University has been integrating and blending MI in schools since 2005: (click on Motivational Interviewing and then on the policy brief document). Center staff have trained thousands of educators and providers in the Chicago area.

The Student Checkup is a semi-structured MI protocol that can be accessed at the Developed by Gill Strait and colleagues and researched since 2012 with middle school students, they found that a single session carried out by MI proficient mental health professionals demonstrated significant improvements in students’ grades in comparison to a control group. Use of this check-up requires skillful MI practices to avoid possible pitfalls that hinder conversations, i.e. assessment trap (too many questions, too few reflections or affirmations). Skilled MI avoids making conversations controlling by promoting autonomy support for behavior change, which increases intrinsic motivation (DeCharmes et al, 1976; Ryan & Deci, 2000).

Many of the trainers listed on the website have experience working in schools and they can provide other examples and resources for MI in school settings.

Motivational Interviewing IN Schools Books

Motivational Interviewing in Schools, Conversations to Improve Behavior & Learning (Rollnick, Kaplan & Rutschman, 2016): In Swedish (2017)

Motivational Interviewing, Strategies for Engaging Parents, Teachers and Students (Herman et al, 2015)

Motivational Interviewing for School Counselors (North, 2017)

Motivational Interviewing, Children and Young People III (McNamara, 2018)


The origins of MI Use & more (W. Miller):

The Spirit of MI & Reflections (S. Rollnick):

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (B. Matulich)

Change Talk with (Cathy Cole with clips by W. Miller):

Reflective Listening Skills
(P. Burke using example with puppet)

Motivational Interviewing

MI demonstrations with survivors of intimate partner violence (D. Ernst)

Youtube CTILearning channel

MI for Busy Clinicians
(Gutnick, medical setting)

Effective Medical providers:

Streaming MI videos
(Miller, Moyers, Rollnick – subscription needed)

Card Sort (Anya Sheftel)

A tutorial of MI in addictions

Motivational Interviewing and Corrections (probation/parole):

MI for Teens

Archive of resources

Blending MI with Experiential Education

Manual to download:

On Change Talk:

British Medical Journal: Then access the module here:

Motivational Interviewing 3rd Edition

Building Motivational Interviewing Skills

Links to the MI founders’ blogs

William R. Miller’s website

Stephen Rollnick’s website